The Ivanhoe equipment range

Creators of 'Spurovator'®

The Ivanhoe equipment range consists of:

  • Spurovator®

  • Spuro®

  • Armoury Tool Trolley®

The Spurovator ®

The Spurovator® has four spiked wheels that rotate in such a way in contact with the ground, the soil is crumbled and aerated, lifting weeds and stones quickly without jamming, leaving the soil with admired looks and perfect growing structure. The Spurovator® can also be used for moss separation on lawns before mowing, creating a healthier lawn. Each spike rotates on its own axis, this patented stainless steel design ensures trouble free use.

The Spurovator® comes in 3 sizes, 'Marshal', 'Sheriff', and 'Deputy'. All easily cleaned by hosepipe.

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The Spuro®


The Spuro® is a unique design hoe with a central heel and two side spurs. The design directs the effort of the gardener horizontally making the hoeing action much easier.The two side spurs cut any horizontal root near lawn edges leaving a neat straight line.

We also specialise in:

  • Garden Stainless Steel Features

  • Gazebos, Temples and Ponds

  • Garden and Office Stainless Steel Water Features and Sculptures

  • Garden Stainless Steel Lamps, Swings, Benches, Finials and Planters


The joining of traditional skills combined with today’s technology allows us to be versatile and economic in today’s work environment.

Ivanhoe Garden Equipment is part of the Reeves Engineering Group who specialise in process solutions for the food industry. Reeves Engineering has vast experience in Food Industry grade stainless steel, spanning over decades, this knowledge and expertise has lent itself seamlessly to create quality garden equipment that will serve any gardener for many many years.

We’re also happy to make water features and sculptures for offices. Contact us now for more information, we’re happy to help. By joining traditional skills with cutting-edge technology we are versatile and economical to meet the needs of today’s equipment supply requirements.

Call Reeves Engineering Ltd of Cheshire today on 0161 494 1144 to order custom-made gardening tools such as our Spurovator®. Our equipment manufacturers are also available to discuss other custom-made industrial products, so contact us today.


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